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CORPUS JAN FABRE Observations of a creative process

Luk Van den Dries.- Corpus Jan Fabre, Observations of a creative process

Uitgeverij Imschoot, Gent: 2004

ISBN 90 7736 23 1


Corpus Jan Fabre. Observations of a creative process describes the genesis of Parrots and Guinea Pigs, a medium-sized production, created by the Belgian director Jan Fabre in 2002. From the first day of rehearsals up to and including the premiere, the entire creative process is followed. Day by day, for nearly fifty days. What is at stake in this book, is the probing of the alchemy of creation. It aims to describe how Jan Fabre’s personal imagination comes into being. It attempts to show how that idiosyncratic visual language, how the visions that are being released in a theatrical way, take shape. It aims to feel out the moment of creation itself and, hence, tries to read the production backwards: not starting from the final result that is shown to the audience, but with the eyes set on the entire cycle, starting from day zero up to and including the premiere.


This book opens up a new perspective on the oeuvre of Jan Fabre. A view from the inside. A view that skims along the breath of creation. A view turned to the inside that plumbs the intestines, the texture, the bones; the entire invisible element that is part and parcel of making a work of art.

This book not only consists of observations, but also contains pictures. They illustrate the creation from the perspective of registration. This camera has a different way of looking, by means of images, and portrays the genetic process. The camera is even closer to the skin and offers a view of how the actors embody the work in progress. Next to text and pictures Corpus Jan Fabre also contains interviews with Jan Fabre and hos closest collaborators.


The book has been published in Dutch, English, French, Italian, Polish, Kroatian and Japanese.


Recently, the book has been translated to Spanish: Corpus Jan Fabre. Observaciones de un proceso creativo

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