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BOF-IWS, postdoctoral fellowship

Fellow: Alessandro De Francesco

Supervisor: Vanhoutte Kurt

Duration: 01/10/2015 - 30/09/2016

“La poésie ne s'impose plus, elle s'expose”. With these words Paul Celan described in 1969 the vulnerability of poetry in modernity. Since the 20th century poetry, according to Celan, is more than ever exposed to the contingency of history. But this “exposition” can also be seen as a path towards the exhibition (exposition in French) of poetry, i.e. that this vulnerability of poetry can have an immediate artistic implication: what if poetry is exhibited and performed as art?


During his stay in Antwerp, Alessandro De Francesco will be carrying on artistic research on language-based art forms, blending together, in the wake of his profile, theoretical reflection and artistic practice. In the perspective of a longer collaboration with the Research Centre for Visual Poetics, he will prepare publications and funding applications in the field that he himself defines as “Language Art”, i.e. a set of modern and contemporary practices englobing experimental poetry, conceptual writing, uses of writing in the visual arts and of spoken voice in performance.


Alessandro will also pursue his theoretical and practical research on the three main layers of his activity as an artist: poetry itself, that he explores in its possibilities as an artistic practice rather than a literary genre; what he calls the Reading Environments, i.e. poetry-based sound performances for digitally processed spoken voice; and the Augmented Writing (, a conceptual art and text-processing project that is made for exhibitions and site-specific works.

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