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BUILDING GARMENTS: Researching Fashion Design through Architecture

Research project

Fellow: Verschueren Alexandra

Supervisor: Vanhoutte Kurt

Duration: 1/10/2010-30/9/2014

This project is aimed at a doctorate in the arts, in the field of fashion design. Its outcome will be an innovative collection based on academic research and technological experimentation which – together with a description of the design processes themselves – will be reported on in a logbook). The specific orientation of the doctorate is an integration of creative processes at the point of overlap between the practices of architecture and fashion design.


The contextual academic research will concentrate on past and present forms of mutual influence and collaboration between these two artistic and technical domains; this will also include depth- interviews with prominent practitioners. Experiments will be conducted with fabrics, colors, shapes and silhouettes. The collection to be designed and created (from drawing via try-outs to production) will experiment with the tension between innovative aesthetics, rational principles of construction and wearability; it will make use of architectural principles adapted to clothing, and of advanced technologies, while seeking a balance with traditional materials and techniques.

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