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CROIS Elvira

Elvira Crois holds an MA degree in Theatre and Film Studies from the University of Antwerp. From 2015-2017 she worked as a socio-cultural worker in Schaarbeek, Brussels. She is part of Apaya Network, a European network of young researchers who explore the poetics of sensorial theatre.

Currently, she is working on her research project ‘Creative Processes in Human Specific Theatre’ in preparation of a PhD. This project wants to contribute to the appliance of genetic studies in contemporary theatre. Human Specific Theatre creates intimate spaces to enable encounters to take place. With her research, Elvira hopes to disclose the influence of the social structure in which a performance is created on the creation process and identify the role of experimentation with the audience during the rehearsal period.

Elvira Crois "Een leven pellen als een artisjok. Sensitief theater en presence" Documenta 33:1 (2015): 53-75

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