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CROIS Elvira

Currently, Elvira Crois is working on her research project ‘The Connective Organism: towards a participatory approach to genetics in sensorial theatre’ in preparation of a PhD. This project wants to answer to a current hiatus in the field of theatre genetics by introducing the concept of immaterial drafts, such as group dynamics, performer training, and connection. By mapping embodied interactive and participatory theatre practices, the research aims to disclose the influence of the organisational structure on the creative process and identify training methods to aid the performer in the development of their capacity to tend to an audience.

Through participatory research methods, the project looks into theatre practices across Europe, including the work of Katrien Oosterlinck (BE) (, Carte Blanche (DK) ( and Myriam Lefkowitz (FR).

Elvira Crois holds an MA degree in Theatre and Film Studies from the University of Antwerp. From 2015-2017 she worked as a socio-cultural worker in Schaarbeek, Brussels. She is part of Apaya Network, a European network of young researchers who explore the poetics of sensorial theatre.

Crois Elvira "Een leven pellen als een artisjok. Sensitief theater en presence" Documenta 33:1 (2015): 53-75


Crois Elvira, Crombez Thomas, de Smet Sofie, Hendrickx Sébastien, Stalpaert Christel, Van Baarle, Kristof Vermeulen, Pieter "Voorbij de kroniek: over het belang van theatertijdschriften" Documenta 33:2 (2015): 10-32

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