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Josette Féral is presently professor at La Sorbonne-Nouvelle (Paris 3). She has taught previously at the Université du Québec à Montréal, since 1981. She has published several books including Théorie et pratique du théâtre, au-delà des limites (2011), Mise en scène et jeu de l'acteur, volumes I, II and III (1997, 1999, 2007), Rencontres avec Ariane Mnouchkine (1995), Trajectoires du Soleil (1999) and La culture contre l'art: essai d'économie politique du théâtre (Montréal, 1990). She has edited several books and thematic issues of leading international journals on the theory of the theatre, the most recent ones being Le réel à l’épreuve des technologies (2013), Pratiques performatives, Body Remix (2012), ‘Genetics of Performance’ in Theatre Research International (2008), ‘The Transparency of the Text: Contemporary Writing for the Stage’ in Yale French Studies (co-edited with Donia Mounsef, 2007), ‘Theatricality’ in Substance (2002). She has also been President of the International Federation of Theatre Research (1999-2003).

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