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A BODY OF KNOWLEDGE: Research on Artistic Methodology
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In recent years, there have been drastic changes in the field of the performing arts. Directors, choreographers and performers are increasingly and consciously involved in the process of exploring, investigating and documenting their own working methods. This field of research is often a meeting place where methods and techniques from the world of theatre and dance are confronted with knowledge from other disciplines. It is a space where artists, scientists and researchers go to rummage in each other’s kitchen, in search of new recipes.
What is specific about these artistic methods is that knowledge is built up through and embedded in the body. The body here functions as a logbook – or palimpsest – a node that links all the elements. The development of artistic methodologies coincides with a certain ‘physical intelligence’ within the body, so that the body not only knows how to move in space, but also how to move within a specific ‘language’. When talking about artistic methodology, we need to discuss this particular kind of knowledge and intelligence that is firmly rooted in physicality, this (bodily) form of knowledge processing that exists alongside the abstract knowledge that is dominant in our western tradition.
The colloquium A body of knowledge: research on artistic methodology tries to gain insight into the research on artistic methodologies. It focuses on the research that is conducted by International Choreographic Arts Centre (NL) and Laboratorium (BE).
  • The International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK) in Amsterdam is a platform for contemporary dance and is directed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. Within this framework ICK contributes to knowledge transfer and research trough its ‘Academy’, a platform that initiates research and exchange with the artistic practice as a point of departure and organizes research projects that focus on dance notation.
  • Laboratorium is research program within Troubleyn/Jan Fabre that aims to develop transdisciplinary scientific research into the method of Jan Fabre. In this research the knowledge acquired is analysed by present-day technologies and methods from the exact sciences.
By talking and thinking about artistic research the colloquium tries to explore the ways how artistes try to map the ‘body of knowledge’ that is stored within the director, the choreographer, or the performer.


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